About Flipblip

Flipblip is a new form of social space defined by helping people get what they want in the pursuit of human fulfilment.

The app

Flipblip is a free app that helps you share information easily, find content that builds knowledge, and get involved with new opportunities. There are no downloads to install – just apply for an account and jump in.

Our mission

Flipblip's mission is to contribute to your progressive lifestyle by empowering you to:

  • Start conversations with people you know and people you'd like to know
  • Gain insider information on what matters to you
  • Share messages, photos, videos*, and documents to serve public or private conversations
  • Get involved with programmes that develop your skills and knowledge
  • Be anonymous or famous – how you create and spread content is up to you
  • Communicate with end-to-end encryption*

* Not currently available for general release.

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