Chris Bentley

For decades, the gay community wanted to normalise their way of life. The media and retail industries have jumped on the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) train as they believe it will keep the relevant in an increasingly disturbed world. What buying a TV or car has to do with your sexuality is not clear to me but if works for them then so be it.

It must be working well as lots of companies regularly change their branding to match the LGBT Pride rainbow. Yet nobody asked the rainbow whether it consented to being used in such a way. It has simply been stolen and misrepresented as something perverted when it in fact it symbolises innocence and purity hence used in children's books and programmes.

That brings me to observe that the gay and trans fever simply won't stop spreading. Just as they felt LGB did not fully represent all those to whom it referred to, it expanded to become LGBTQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Queer, Intersex, Asexual). 

But it doesn't end there. This cult is now part of a much more sordied group of individuals who rape toddlers, claim that men can have babies and abortions, and are generally the sickest most twisted people you can imagine. They prey on minors and are proud of it.

The peadophiles hidden in plain sight

LGBT also represents paedosexuals who believe that being sexually attracted to children is a natural choice. As a collective, the new LGBTQIAP group are violating innocent children and adapting the same modern phrases such as "love is love", "be proud of who you are", and "stop hate" to deflect criticism away from their deranged activities. 

This group will invade your personal space with their "fabulous" antics, spread AIDS and other diseases and, despite claiming to be oppressed, are incredibly intolerant of anyone who is heterosexual.

I believe it is correct to hate these people for your own safety and that of children. Hate is a natural and strong feelings of dislike and disagreement with something. Not dissimilar to how the LGBTP community feel about straight people.

But none of this matters because social media dictates you can't have an opinion unless it matches those of the vocal minority. If you feel different, then these demented 'victims' will accuse you of "hate" and you'll be repremanded by law makers who act in favour of those that don't respect anyone or anything including themselves.


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